Hospitality Design

From traditional styled hotels with Victorian influenced furnishings, to contemporary locations with a minimalist edge, we understand that hotel interiors demand refined interior planning in order to keep discerning guests content…


Corporate Design

Your office is an extension of your brand; it is your company’s ecosystem. We plan offices that help foster a competitive edge for your business.  Energetic  working  environments where connections are made, ideas come to life and progress is achieved


Residential Design

At Studio 62 we create bespoke home interiors that enhance your lifestyle. This is possible only by listening closely to your preferences and values- which we translate to develop your personal haven in which to live, love, celebrate and relax; however you like…


Retail Design

Retail interiors must be designed in a way that is true to brand and facilitates an authentic and absorbing experience for customers. At studio62 we leverage on your brand values and adopt your customers…

Our Process

  • Client Brief
  • Design Process
  • Budgets & Tendering
  • Project Management

Studio 62 starts all jobs with the preparation of the project brief. This is developed in close collaboration with the client and other consultants and identifies the scope of the project, timetable and budget. In hotel projects in particular, the budget is of major importance and Studio 62 pays particular care to assure clients as early as possible that a commercially appropriate and aesthetically pleasing project can be developed within an agreed budget.

The brief also pays particular attention to project timetable and to completion of projects on time and on budget. Studio 62 has extensive experience in local and overseas procurement of materials and furniture and their impact on project timetable. In residential projects, the brief includes careful observation and recording of client’s lifestyle, long-term requirements of space and furniture. Private houses can be as complex as larger commercial projects and the development of a clear brief and project plan is equally relevant in the case of individual houses. Studio 62 aims to achieve flexibility in their projects so that client input and changed circumstances can be accommodated as projects proceed

Studio 62 believes that eventual aesthetic style of a project results from the conditions of the brief and not predefined style. Care is taken, particularly in commercial projects, to ensure that the style of a project is commercially appropriate and capable of contributing to business success by reflecting market demands. Preliminary ideas are discussed loosely at first, frequently while referring to similar built projects and international examples of related jobs.

Conceptual plans, preliminary sketches and sample boards are developed as early as possible for discussion with clients and costed in relation to the budget. In many cases, preliminary design involves visiting related projects and suppliers. Final design involves specific recommendations on layouts, detail materials and finishes. When complete, final designs are re costed and the project is evaluated finally before being sent to tender.

Most projects are only feasible if they can be built on time and within budget. In complex interior projects this involves a continuous rapport between the emerging design and the project budget. Studio 62 has wide experience in product selection procurement and pricing so that preliminary budgets are accurate to an acceptable margin from the beginning of a job. When final design is complete, Studio 62 starts a complex process of confirming quotations and inviting competitive tenders for certain items.

Over the years, Studio 62 has gained valuable project planning and management experience on large projects, and has developed a network of workers, artisans, craftsmen who can be relied upon to work and supply materials to economic budgets and within agreed budgets and within agreed time constraints. Studio 62 has so far completed all its projects within agreed budgets and timetables

Studio 62 provides a fully integrated design and project management service.

Post contract work is a complex mix of site supervision, project management and materials procurement carried out within the overall responsibility of coordination of work on site and off site. Design meetings, review meetings and site meeting over lap and continue into and beyond the construction process and all materials, finishes, furniture and equipment are carefully scrutinized relative to procurement, ordering and delivery. Where relevant samples, prototypes and mock-ups are arranged for approval and as a basis for agreed methods of quality control. Project management also involves close financial control on purchasing and payments to contractors and suppliers and maintenance of accurate project financial records

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